About Us

We were born in 2015 and we have always had a very clear purpose: to offer Solutions and Consulting in Telecommunications, Call Center Outsourcing and Customized Projects.

What drives us?

A passion for challenges and for what we do!
Forget the complications! Here at GOSAT, we work without bureaucracy. Ah, if there is no solution to your problems available, we develop and customize it to meet your needs.

Our projects are established on 3 pillars:

Quality and

So, no matter the area of your business (Call Center, Customer Service, Telemarketing, or Debt Collection) or the size of your operations, we can help you upgrade your service!

We are ready to apply the best technological solutions in order to boost your business, bringing the best experience to your customers and your team.

Working with GOSAT, your company smartly reduces cost and improves performance.

How do we make this happen?

To make that happen we invest in knowledge, technology and in an excellent multitasking staff.

Our Values

We understand that values cannot be imposed. They arise from the union and engagement of a team. That said, our values are build are shared by each team member at GOSAT.

Our mantras


Be Bold! – Because evolving is necessary so we can grow together! We are not just motivators, but also partners on the search for knowledge. Therefore, we stimulate our collaborators to capacitate themselves, to be creative, to take chances, to innovate, to surprise and to commit themselves. In a nutshell: TO BE BOLD!


If it hurts our client, it hurts us! – Your challenge is our challenge! Our customers are the reason we exist. Therefore, we take your needs very seriously. Be it either new or regular customers, we try to understand and empathize with their needs.


With results comes flexibility – We are digital, self-manageable and proactive. Producing, generating results and delivering quality to the client is not about clocking on or clocking off. Our staff is able to manage their working hours if goals and deadlines are met.


Dedicate with heart and soul – We spread enthusiasm, passion and energy. We love challenges and we love accomplishing the tasks set ahead of us even more! We work as a team and appreciate the satisfaction our work brings to us.


Here, you´ll always find beer, coffee and wine! – Work can be much more than tiredness and stress! We have chosen to fulfill ourselves as human beings and we have opted for quality of life! Along with a nice chat, a good wine, a cold beer, or a hot coffee, we share achievements and lessons learned in life. Happy people deliver better results and here we take that very seriously.

Our Team

Our Team is the cornerstone of our business! Here, we build bonds and become a big family!
We exercise transparency and empathy towards our collaborators and we respect individualities.
At teams Nevasca (Snowstorm – IT), AuthentiCall (Call Center) and Titans (Administrative), we are brimming with talented individuals giving their best to make things happen seamlessly.
On the other hand, we offer flexible working hours, the possibility of working remotely and the ability to take part in company decisions. Thus, we improve work, provide life balance and allow them to be whole in what they do.